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Women on the Move

Profile: Tamyra Wissmiller Harrison

Name:  Tamyra Wissmiller Harrison

Position:  Polk County Democrat Executive Director for the past 11 years

Currently working on: Presently, Tamyra is writing a book that she hopes to have completed by this summer. The book covers the history of the Polk County Democrats, including some of her favorite memories and individuals. Her book will also introduce political staffers that have less recognition than elected officials. "For every successful politician, there are countless staffers and activists who had a hand in getting them elected, often with little recognition for all of their efforts. I really hope my book lets each and every one of them, not just here in Iowa but everywhere, know how very much they are appreciated." Tamyra added.

When Tamyra will run for office? She is passionate about her community and loves promoting others. However, she “will never say never” about a future run for public office. Making a difference for others appeals to her. Tamyra has proven leadership skills, including working with both sides of the fence, creating civil and friendly relationships even when there are policy differences.

Tamyra is also working a state-wide program, which is featured on our main page: High School Mock Caucuses.


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