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Women on the Move

Natasha Newcomb

As long as I can recall I have had strong feelings about what it is to be a woman. As an independent college student and single mother of two, my mother resonated with self-worth. She was as strong as the Aqua Net holding her bangs up. Displaying her power and voice on canvas, boards, and t-shirts, she took to the streets trying to bring change to her community. Bringing her elementary-school-aged daughter along, she introduced me to my first walks: Take Back the Night and Walk for Women.

By example, she raised me to speak up about the things that I care about, participate in my community, and advocate for a greater cause. My childhood experiences eventually grew from a mere hobby to a full-time passion and career. Today, I feel honored to have carried this tradition into my son’s life. Attending events, he is shy and passes time on his gaming system. However, he assumes that being active in your community is a fact of life. His goals may not mirror mine, but this family...

Sara Sedlacek

I was born and raised in Solon, Iowa, and graduated from the University of Iowa. I served as the editor of the West Liberty Index newspaper for more than three years and, because of what I saw, I have become very involved in the community - volunteering through civic organizations and the school district. My desire for change led me to serve two years as a legislative assistant in the Iowa House and Senate. My experiences working with people at the local level have emphasized for me the need to have comprehensive and age-appropriate sex education. Women who live in rural areas do not have access to family planning services, preventing a woman from making her own decisions about her healthcare. It is very important to me, both as a candidate and a woman, that every Iowan has access to these services.