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The Iowa Democratic Activist Women's Network (DAWN/DAWN's List) was born after the 1992 election at a gathering in Boone, Iowa, organized by Julie Gammack. Political activist women including office holders, past candidates, and campaign workers gathered to share experiences and concerns about electing Democratic women in Iowa.

Two women attending the meeting--Barbara Boatwright, longtime Democratic activist, and Jo Ann Zimmerman, former Lt. Governor of Iowa--proposed the creation of a new political action group patterned after the national organization, EMILY's List.

A statewide PAC, the Democratic Activist Women's Network (DAWN or DAWN's List) is committed to recruiting and electing Democratic, pro-choice women to state and local public office in Iowa, with particular focus on the Iowa Legislature.

Since 1993, DAWN has provided campaign training, mentoring, and support for hundreds of Iowa Democratic women. DAWN's List is the only Iowa group dedicated solely to the support, recruitment, mentoring, and election of progressive women.


1. Raise awareness, across the state, of the importance of gender equity in public offices.

2. Establish a strong, state-wide grassroots network, supporting the election of Democratic pro-choice women to public office.

3. Publicly support currently elected pro-choice, Democratic women in the Iowa legislature and assist in their re-election campaigns.